In what we're forced to accept as celebrity gold in this two-bit horse town, a B-list actress who no longer lives here and is no longer married to the local newspaper's editor in chief (but who just won an Emmy last night) has put her Sea Cliff house on the market. We would have illustrated this entry with pictures of her overstuffed white armchairs (is that a garter snake on the bottom of the chair? Or a Komodo dragon, maybe?), the kitchen-by-Expo decor, or what look like black velvet Papasan chairs overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge (you'd think for fifteen mil, Sharon Stone could have sprung for some better house staging at the very least), but her real estate company's website does not permit the copying of photos. (It's fascism, we say -- IP fascism!)

Seven bedrooms, nine baths, $15 mil. Can we get a disclosure packet, please?