The story of the heckler out of Oakland Coliseum just keeps getting better and better. Today, Craig and Jennifer Bueno gave a press conference to announce that they would be pursuing both civil and criminal penalties against Texas Rangers pitcher Frank Francisco for throwing a chair into the stands last night. (Say what you will about Francisco, when you play the video, he does appear to have a pretty good arm.) Craig, a Hayward firefighter, freely admits he was the taunter in the incident in question and defended his right as an American baseball fan to heckle the other side.

To be fair, Craig says he restricted his commentary simply to the usual fan trash talk ("Who's going to get the win tonight? Who's going to blow it? I saw your mama the other night," etc.), and witnesses confirm that he wasn't engaging in any racial or sexual taunting -- but others at the game also say that they heard Craig repeatedly calling Rangers pitcher Brocail fat throughout most of the game. For some reason, this reminds SFist of the Simpsons episode where Darryl Strawberry cries a single tear after Bart and Lisa make fun of him at the nuclear plant baseball game. Words can hurt, Mr. Bueno!