SFist is frequently complimented on our glowing skin and healthy hair. Is it clean living? A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables? Yet another unplanned pregnancy?

No, we owe it all to Kiehl's.

If SFist were a fashion editor our faithful readers would probably be thinking skeptical thoughts along the lines of "How much free crap did they give them to say that?" But we have accepted no swag or booty for this entry.

Kind of. Actually, that's one of the reasons we love Kiehl's right there - all the free stuff.

In the Bay Area, you can go over to the Union Square Neiman Marcus to buy Kiehl's products, but we far prefer to shop at the 2360 Fillmore Street retail store. Shopping here is a trip, as beautiful perfect people with skin like a babies' and hair like a ponies' (see, this stuff must work) help you to match your beauty needs with their products. And, sure, their stuff costs more than, say Suave, but it's still pretty reasonable given what some companies charge for hair and body care.