Every time SFist hears tales of the exploits of our single bretheren, we give thanks that we're no longer "out there". We appreciated our frequent companion all the more when we saw this story in last week's Examiner, which states that according to a recent study conducted by that well-respected academic entity known as Match.com, "When it comes to dating, San Francisco is the fifth most expensive city in the country".

Holy cow. SFist guesses we were lucky to find out mate during a period on unemployment for both of us, so as opposed to the Match.com estimated $800 dollars to get to the six-date mark, we spent about 50 bucks on a winning combination of House of Nan King, pinball, pizza, and sex (the last one was free).

We've always been lucky enough to not be particularly interested in dating in general, and instead choose to obsess over particular people. Finally one of them chose to return our affections, and we find ourselves Netflixing for two. Awwww.

But SFist wonders what we would do if thrust back out into the cold, hard world of dating. Of course, we could just meet people by chance and get to know them, but we've already traveled that route and are more interested in what the less traditional means of meeting might net us.