SFist was invited to a gathering of Bay Area Photobloggers recently, and wanted to let other shutterbugs know that if they want to trade tips or just learn more about photoblogging in general, they should mark their calendar for this Saturday. Hosted by Derek Powazek and Heather Champ, photobloggers extraordinaire, it's being held at the Reverie Cafe in the Haight.

Please contact Heather to RSVP and let her know you'll be attending. SFist will be there along with Lil' SFist, our trusty digital camera (which is ancient in digital camera years - feel free to donate a better one).

Photo by Heather Champ.

Ed. Note: This pic, of a lost-dog poster, was picked because we've seen it in our neighborhood. If you've seen this dog in the area around 25th and Utah, let us know and we'll let the owners know.