Man, the entire Bay Area publishing community seems to be jumping on the DJ instruction phenomenon. First it was the East Bay Express with their "School of Scratch" feature. The next day the Chron jumped on board with an article - about the same program! And now the Guardian reports on another program meant to introduce kids to music production. At least they bothered to find different people to quote.

SFist has been lugging our Technics 12's around for years now. One of the reasons we love the Bay Area is because this is where the resurrection of the DJ as a driving force in the hip-hop community started - after years of MCs claiming all the attention. Between the Invisibl Skratch Picklz, Sole Sides (AKA Quannum) and True Skool, we've produced a bumper crop of world-class DJs in the last fifteen years. If all these programs for kids are any indication, we'll be a leader in the fine art of the scratch for years to come. They even have a turntable method book and scratch notation now. So when will the Rock the Bells scratch become the new Stairway to Heaven in bedrooms across America? It's only a matter of time.