• Fire rescue crews rescued a teenager Wednesday who became trapped in mud in Alameda. The incident happened around noon near the Encinal Boat Ramp in Alameda, and the teen became stuck as the tide was rolling in. [KTVU]
  • The local air quality district has ordered Tesla's Fremont factory to stop its "ongoing" pollution, specifically from its paint-spraying and paint-baking areas. [Bay Area News Group]
  • In further proof that this was not just a San Francisco thing, Walgreens just announced it would be closing a "significant" number of its stores across the country, saying that many of them are unprofitable. [CNN]
  • Golden Gate Bridge tolls go up by 50 cents on Monday, July 1. [KRON4]
  • Over a year after a deadly shooting among farmworkers there, city leaders in Half Moon Bay have approved a new housing project for farmworkers. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The Merriewood neighborhood in the Oakland hills was recently targeted by thieves who went on a bipping spree, though residents say they likely didn't come away with much. [KTVU]
  • Today's Supreme Court decisions: The justices rejected the SEC's practice of holding its own tribunals, rejected the liability shield that was at the center of the Purdue Pharma opioid settlement and thereby destroyed the settlement, and blocked the EPA from enforcing its "good neighbor" plan for states downwind of other states' emissions. Also, they formally released the decision leaked on Wednesday about emergency abortions in Idaho. [NYT]

Photo: Leo Korman