A freak accident happened Saturday in Dolores Park in which a vendor's pushcart rolled away down a steep embankment and into a crowd of people.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon, during a spate of warm weather in the city when the park was fairly crowded.

A tipster told SFist that the vendor had either walked away from or let go of the cart on the hill near the corner of Church and 20th streets, and the cart went barreling down in the direction of the playground, with some people managing to jump out of the way.

At least one woman was seriously injured after being struck by the cart and was taken away in an ambulance.

The cart, laden with goods, appeared heavy, and the tipster said, "If it had run over someone lying down, or if it had hit a child, it could easily have killed someone."

A Redditor also witnessed the scene, and a second confirmed seeing it happen.

"I was there, it looked like a private push cart. One of the bigger ones with tons of snacks and water, at least a few hundred pounds," says Redditor anxiousbutfunctional. "He must have walked away from it and the cart was rolling very fast down the steep hill of the Church St corner into the park. It did hit a crowd but only one person was seriously injured. I called 911, by the time paramedics came she seemed stable but was definitely injured."

For about two decades, Dolores Park has played host to an array of vendors, some or most of them unpermitted, selling everything from water, to pot truffles, to mushroom chocolates, and more. One vendor regularly sold whole coconuts that he would theatrically saber open for you and then pour in some rum.

In recent years, these vendors have included souvenir, ice cream, and snack vendors with more professional-type pushcarts, particularly on crowded days.

The SFPD has not confirmed whether they were involved in the incident or took a report. We will update you if we learn more.

Photo: Patrick Perkins