• One person died in a fiery solo crash in Fremont after a car slammed into a tree. The car burst into flames after hitting the tree around 12:30 am today, at the intersection of Fremont Boulevard and Thornton Avenue. [KTVU]
  • One man died and 71 others were injured in a severe turbulence incident onboard a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore on Tuesday. This happened on a Boeing 777 jet, the flight diverted to Bangkok, and the deceased man was identified as a 73-year-old British citizen. [CNN / CNN Updates]
  • There was a mock trial held Monday at Marin County Superior Court in San Rafael, re-trying the 1935 “Trial of the Century” in which Bruno Hauptmann was convicted of kidnapping and killing Charles Lindbergh's baby. Local retired Judge Lise Pearlman, who wrote a book about the case, is on a mission to get the state of New Jersey to posthumously exonerate Hauptmann, and cites many screw-ups in the trial itself. [Chronicle]
  • The owners of two mushroom farms in Half Moon Bay where a deadly mass shooting occurred last year have been ordered to pay $450,000 in back wages and damages to 62 workers, by the California Department of Labor. [Associated Press]
  • Here are all the potential speed camera locations in San Francisco, when these things get installed sometime later this year. [Chronicle]
  • In downtown Oakland, at least, rents have come down a fair bit, and a two-bedroom apartment that might still be unaffordable in SF is more affordable in Oakland now — with likely plenty of them sitting empty. [KPIX]
  • Donald Trump posted and then deleted a video — and blamed a staffer for it — that compared the outcome if he wins a second term to Nazi Germany and a "Unified Reich." [ABC 7]

Photo: Saif Zaman