Another black eye for boxer Mike Tyson’s attempt to become a marijuana mogul, as the California Department of Cannabis Control has ordered a statewide recall of two of his “Undisputed” cannabis flower products.

It is perhaps unfortunate for the legal cannabis industry that boxer Mike Tyson chose to become one of its celebrity faces. Sure, he’s served his time for his 1992 rape charges, though he’s since accumulated more rape charges last year. It sure seemed in poor taste when he released a line of edibles shaped like an ear, a “joke” based on his biting Evander Holfield’s ear in a 1997 boxing match. And when Tyson visited SF for 4/20 in 2022, he got himself in trouble for punching a guy on his airplane out of SFO.

Now there is more trouble for Mike Tyson’s foray into legal marijuana. The state regulatory body known as the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) issued a statewide recall of Tyson’s cannabis flower products, “due to the presence of Aspergillus sp. in multiple Tyson Undisputed Cannabis Flower products.” (Aspergillus is a mold that can cause infections in the lungs and sinuses.)

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist

Undisputed is the flower line of Tyson’s branded cannabis products. Not all Undisputed products have been recalled, only the two brands of flower (or “bud,” if you will) sold under the strain names Toad and Tadpoles.

Tyson does not grow the stuff himself — it's a branding deal for cannabis grown by a company called Northern Emeralds.

Screenshot: Department of Cannabis Control

And it’s not all bags of Tyson’s Undisputed Toad and Tadpoles that are being recalled. According to the DCC. The recall only applies to eighth-bag products under those names packaged after August 23, 2023, and with the Batch Number HT-9668-1, which can be found on the labeling.

If you bought some of this tainted Tyson weed, the DCC advises, to “dispose of the product or return it to the retailer for proper disposal. If you are experiencing symptoms or any adverse reactions, contact your physician immediately.”  

Three SF dispensaries or delivery services are identified as having stocked the mold-tainted batches: Golden Gate Cannabis Company, Grass Roots, and the delivery service California Wellness.

Recalls of California cannabis priducts are fairly rare, though not unprecedented. In the first quarter of 2024, the DCC has ordered 11 product recalls.

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Images: Joe Kukura, SFist