SF Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin, who we've known is running for mayor for over a month now, is finally ready to make his official announcement, but first he leaked it to several news outlets again.

On Wednesday night, both local news stations KGO and KPIX reported that Supervisor Aaron Peskin is definitely joining the mayor's race, with the latter station saying that Peskin confirmed this to them directly.

Peskin reportedly told KPIX that he plans to run a "positive" campaign, and that the official campaign launch will be Saturday at Portsmouth Square at 11 am.

The location, in the heart of Chinatown, is telling — Peskin may be banking on the idea that having represented the district for the better part of the last two decades, he could capitalize on Breed's recent slipping in the polls with Asian voters in the city in particular.

This now makes this a five-way race for the mayor's office, with Peskin as the only progressive candidate, and the other four fighting for their share of the moderate-messaging and campaign-dollar pie.

The other three main candidates besides Breed are Supervisor Ahsha Safai, philanthropist and Levi's heir Daniel Lurie, and former supervisor and (briefly) onetime mayor Mark Farrell.

Peskin is termed out as District 3 supervisor after November’s election — for the second time. He has served as the district's supervisor for a total of 16 years with a break in between, having been first elected in 2000 and was termed out in 2009, and then ran again in 2015.

Peskin played coy in early March after it became widely known that he was planning a mayoral run. While his announcement was, at the time, rumored to be happening sooner, he told KPIX he was planning to "go knock on some neighborhood organization doors" and "hear what people are saying, and make a decision in the weeks and months ahead."

Breed's camp was already on the attack Wednesday night, as Peskin was leaking his news. Joe Arellano, who is serving as Breed’s re-election campaign spokesperson, told KRON4 that Peskin was the "Terminator" of progress in the city, and if voters vote him into the mayor's office it "would mean ‘hasta la vista, baby’ for our local economy, our housing, and our city’s future."

Arellano continued, "Aaron Peskin is synonymous with intimidation, obstruction, and dysfunction: literally the triple crown of moving San Francisco backwards. He is the person most-responsible for creating a city of haves and have nots, by limiting the amount of housing that gets built and freezing out young people from owning a home. He’s also a hypocrite — he masquerades as a progressive."

Peskin has not yet responded to this opening-salvo attack.

We can probably expect similar rhetoric in the coming days from the other campaigns, who will now have another common enemy besides Breed.

Update 1: Peskin has already given an interview to Joe Eskenazi at Mission Local, giving a hint as to how he'll be framing his struggle with alcohol on the campaign trail. "Recovery has been life-changing for me," he tells Mission Local. "It’s no secret that the city you and I love has been struggling in ways that are real and perceived. And, I don’t mean this to sound corny, but I have a notion that we are a city in need of recovery. Recovery is something I have come to know well. It’s hard work."

Update 2: Peskin has shot one across the bow of Breed's administration, telling the Chronicle, "There has been no consistency. There has been no follow-through. This is an administration that is largely driven by press. It is not an administration that is being run maturely."

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