• The new Crocker-Amazon restaurant the Halfway Club (formerly the Broken Record) was awarded a live music permit by the SF Entertainment Commission. Several venues were awarded live entertainment permits by the commission, also including Flanahan’s Pub, the Jay, the Palm House, Mercury Cafe, and Xian Bistro. [SFGate]
  • Just as they did around this time last year, jellyfish-like creatures known as velella velella, or “by-the-wind sailors,” are washing ashore en masse on California beaches, especially in the Bay Area. Thousands of these creatures were seen on Ocean Beach Monday, as well as at Fort Funston and Baker Beach, but you’re discouraged from touching them or letting your dogs near them. [KGO]
  • The Castro's Bonita Taqueria closed on Sunday, but signage is already up for the new tenant, an outpost of the popular Richmond taqueria Tacos El Tucán. The location at 3600 16th Street (near Market and Noe streets) was a Squat & Gobble until 2019, and the Tacos El Tucán is expected to start serving its Tijuana-style tacos and burritos in May. [Hoodline]
  • The Chronicle reflects on the weird ethics of an “Undercover Student” series they did in 1992, sending 26-year-old reporter Shann Nix undercover to pose as a student at SF’s Washington High. While the story was intended to cover the damaging effects that Prop 13 had on schools (and Washington High had a massive rat problem at the time), several students and teachers were understandably upset when the ruse was revealed. [Chronicle]
  • There’s yet another pickleball battle raging, this one the ongoing fight at Presidio Wall Playground, where Rec and Parks has posted signs saying "Tennis Only" after complaints from the mansion-owning set. [KPIX]
  • Oracle Park has been declared the “3rd most Instagrammable MLB stadium” by some outfit called BonusFinder, trailing only Yankee Stadium and (ewww) Dodger Stadium. [KRON4]

Image: @swiemo via Twitter