• SF Giants players have apparently gotten really into chess during Spring Training. “Baseball is a thinking-man’s sport so there’s some correlation and using brain power in a different way,” outfielder Mike Yastrzemski told the Chronicle.
  • A man was wielding a golf club and threatening people on San Francisco's Pier 14 on Saturday before jumping into the Bay when police arrived on-scene, police say. He was rescued from the bay and there were no injuries reported in the incident. [KTVU]
  • A tragic mountain lion attack in El Dorado County, California claimed one life and left another person injured on Saturday — the first fatal mountain lion attack in the state in three decades. Two brothers were antler shed hunting in a remote area when they were attacked by a mountain lion. [ABC7]
  • A pedestrian was injured when a car crashed into a bus stop on Fulton Street and Park Presidio Bypass near Golden Gate Park on Saturday afternoon. Firefighters transported the victim to the hospital for evaluation. [KRON4]
  • A UC Berkeley computer science professor told students on an online message board “get out of the Bay Area” if they want to get a girlfriend, sparking backlash. He later issued an apology, saying he was just answering a student’s question was asking for advice about finding a job and dating in the Bay Area. [SFGATE]
  • Speaking of UC Berkeley, a parent-led group started funding private security to patrol areas around campus for Cal students. [KNTV]

Feature image via Unsplash/Bart Dunweg.