24 Hour Fitness, which has been closing some of its SF gyms in recent years, will no longer be living up to its name at any of its remaining locations in the city, with an hour change just announced to members.

As SFGate reports, members at the Van Ness location received a notice this week that, as of April 5, the hours will be 5 am to 11 pm. Similar hour changes have occurred or are occurring at 24 Hour Fitness locations on Ocean Avenue, in Potrero Hill, and on Montgomery Street.

(This Van Ness location of 24 Hour Fitness is the same one that was allegedly a haven for anti-masking dudebros in the first year of the pandemic, who needed to be told to keep their masks on while working out.)

So, the company that branded itself around being open 24 hours won't be anymore, and this seems to be a broader trend across its locations nationally.

The company boasts around 300 locations spread over 11 states, with a significant presence in Southern California especially. The vast majority of the SoCal and East Bay locations of the gym remain open 24 hours according to the company website, as well as dozens of others in other states — but that may be changing, since the Van Ness gym is still listed there.

It appears that, if that 300 location number is still true, less than half are now operating on a 24-hour schedule.

Like many other businesses that relied on in-person clientele, 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy in the first year of the pandemic, but has managed to stay afloat. They have closed a couple of San Francisco locations during their restructuring, though, including a longtime Castro location on Market Street near Church, and their location at 100 California Street, which closed in November.

A spokesperson for the company told SFGate, with regard to the hour changes, "We regularly analyze usage patterns in our gyms to determine how best to tailor our operating hours. This sometimes results in an adjustment of when we’re open in order to create the best member experience for more of our members."

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