A United Airlines flight leaving SFO had a problem during takeoff on Thursday and ended up being quickly diverted to Los Angeles.

This was United flight 35 bound for Osaka, and it took off at 11:23 am Thursday, as KRON4 reports. Within 25 minutes the Boeing 777-200 jet had diverted to LAX after reportedly losing a tire during takeoff.

According to the tracking site FlightAware, the flight has spent two hours and 28 minutes in the air and is scheduled to touch down at 1:21 pm PT — but it will be landing without a tire.

SFO is experiencing some delays Thursday afternoon after one runway was briefly closed, following this tire incident.

Update: The plane landed safely at LAX, as NBC Bay Area reports. United Airlines says the 777 jet is designed to be able to land safely with missing or damaged tires.

Update 2: KPIX reports that the tire fell off the jet and caused damage to multiple vehicles in the employee parking lot at SFO, before coming to rest in the lot.

This incident comes after a string of highly publicized inflight incidents that could be making people a little more nervous about flying.

Two weeks ago, a Boston-bound United flight out of SFO had to make an emergency landing in Denver after a piece of a wing flap tore off shortly after takeoff.

And in January, an Alaska Airlines flight out of Portland, bound for Ontario Airport in California, experienced a mid-flight crisis after a door plug blew out of the fuselage. That flight was able to safely land back in Portland, but the case has raised new questions about the 737-Max 9 plane model.

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Photo: Arkin Si