Bar Agricole, which won accolades for its drinks and design after opening more than a decade ago in SoMa, has closed its second location, which opened post-pandemic in the base of the tower at 1550 Mission Street.

Fans of Bar Agricole likely know by now that the bar went dark in late December and has not come alive again. As Tablehopper reports this week, owner Thad Vogler came to the conclusion that the new space was "just too big and too much of a restaurant for us," and he was working on signing a new lease in the Mission District.

We don't have an exact address yet, but Vogler tells Tablehopper that a lease has been signed and it's on Valencia Street — somewhere.

Could it be the former Chez Chez (584 Valencia), perhaps? That seems on the equally large side... we'll have to wait and see.

Bar Agricole 2.0 opened, after much delay, in August 2022. Vogler brought on former Bar Tartine chef Nick Balla to consult on the food menu, and the new space — with three rooms connected by a central kitchen — allowed for a private dining space as well as a front bar that doubled as an off-sale liquor shop for the Bar Agricole single-origin spirits brand. (There is still an online store.)

Vogler went on to open the brandy-centric Trou Normand downtown, as well as West Indian rum bar Obispo in the Mission, and Nommo on Rincon Hill — all of which closed in the early months of the pandemic. Vogler wrote about the experience for Punch magazine in 2021.

I will be sad to not be able to have the excellent burger at Bar Agricole with a Ti' Punch accompaniment, but perhaps these things will return at the new bar.

It sounds like Vogler isn't committing to this being Bar Agricole 3.0 — it may have a new name and concept. But it will be "a bar with good snacks," he tells Tablehopper.

As for the space at 1540 Mission, it's not staying empty for long, and apparently a new operator is taking over.

Stay tuned for updates.