An irate and probably unstable person caused a ruckus at the popular North Beach burger spot Sam’s Burgers, smashing the shop’s front window by throwing a chair through it. Undaunted, Sam’s said it would be back open Tuesday.

A painting on the front window of North Beach burger and pizza spot Sam's Burgers claims that its burgers are among the “Top three in the world.” They're not just blowing smoke. That’s a direct quote from the late Anthony Bourdain, who visited for a 2012 episode of the Travel Channel’s The Layover. Upon sampling the burger, Bourdain declared, “That’s a good burger. Top three in the world.”

Yet another visitor on Monday apparently has a markedly different opinion of the place. The Chronicle reports that someone came into the burger joint at Broadway and Columbus Avenue around 2:30 pm Monday afternoon, and after harassing the staff, threw a metal chair through the shop’s front window.

“One of our employees immediately called 911,” the restaurant’s owner Emad El Shawa told the Chronicle. “While on the phone with the police dispatch, this person grabbed one of our metal outdoor chairs and threw it through the front window and took off running towards Stockton Street.”

El Shawa added that the individual also damaged “several pieces of equipment” in the restaurant during the melee.

Sam’s Burgers closed for the remainder of Monday, but was slated to reopen again Tuesday afternoon.

There’s also good news coming out of Sam’s Burgers, which was added to the SF Legacy Business Registry in 2021. Just last month, El Shawa opened the companion spot Sam’s East right next door at 620 Broadway, serving Middle Eastern falafel and shawarma.

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Image: Google Street View