You'll have a few more chances to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine this week before Second Winter returns with more rain — and some major snow in the Sierra.

The Sierra saw plenty of snow this month, but they are in for a serious dumping up there starting on Thursday — with predicted snowfall totals ranging from five to ten feet!

Here around the Bay, some clouds and possible showers today will give way to sun on Tuesday and Wednesday — and the sun should come out this afternoon as well.

Temperatures won't be as balmy as they were this weekend, with a chill moving in that will keep nights and mornings pretty frigid this week — with lows in the 40s in San Francisco, and dipping into the 30s in the North Bay and elsewhere.

Some heavy rain will arrive for us Thursday, as the Chronicle reports, with the storm picking up speed by Thursday evening. But overall, there aren't the same dire flood warnings coming with this storm, because the rainfall totals over three days are expected to be one to three inches.

In the Sierra, the heavy snowfall will begin late Thursday and is likely to continue through Saturday, creating whiteout conditions at times, and inevitably leading to highway closures that will keep anyone hoping to ski around Tahoe far from the slopes — unless they drive up Thursday afternoon and beat the snow.

Up to ten feet of snow is predicted at higher elevations, above 6,000 feet, which includes Donner Pass on I-80, and Echo Summit on Highway 50. Other areas around Tahoe could see four or five feet of fresh snow.

And as NBC Bay Area reports, foothills and elevations down to just 1,000 feet around the Bay Area could see some snowfall Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Saturday is forecast to be the coldest day this week, with a high for 49 predicted in San Francisco — and even chillier temperatures in the North Bay.

As the Chronicle notes, the last time San Francisco saw a high in the 40s was last February — on February 24, 2023, the high was also 49 degrees.

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Top Photo: Ganapathy Kumar