The SFPD-affiliated nonprofit SF SAFE was already awash in allegations of forged checks and millions in funds missing. Add to their troubles that they allegedly ran up a $17,000 bill at a Mission District floral shop that the nonprofit never paid.

A donnybrook of a local scandal broke last month when we learned that a city audit of an SFPD-funded nonprofit called SF SAFE turned up tens of thousands of dollars in frivolous spending, in Tahoe trips, limo rides, $162 gift boxes, and events that seemed much fancier than they needed to be (as seen below). That scandal went nuclear less than a week later, when we learned of allegations of forged checks and millions of dollars missing, and freshly fired SF SAFE CEO Kyra Worthy went radio silent.

Those allegations overshadowed other allegations that SF SAFE has stiffed some other Mission District nonprofits out of hundreds of thousands. And it sure doesn’t smell right, as Mission Local now reports, that SF SAFE reportedly left a $17,000 unpaid bill with Mission District florist Diosa Blooms (22nd and Capp streets).

And apparently, the arrangements Worthy ordered from that florist were quite extravagant. “She always liked big arrangements,” Diosa Blooms co-owner Krisha Militante told Mission Local. “Nothing dainty, no small flowers.”

Mission Local reports that SF SAFE has an unpaid invoice for “$7,814 for a belated Christmas party in January 2023” (in addition to a $9,625 bill the next month for a Black History Month event). But given that date, and its correlation to a tweet posted by Supervisor Catherine Stefani, we can Zapruper-film ourselves a look at what are likely these very floral arrangements whose invoices are still in arrears.

Image: @Stefani4CA via Twitter

Stefani tweeted the above photo on January 12, 2023, saying, “Thank you to @SFPDChief and @SFSAFE for gathering the many community partners who support SFPD’s work tonight in their ‘after the holidays’ party.” Mission Local also describes unpaid floral bills from “a belated Christmas party in January 2023.” And we do see a floral arrangement beyond Stefani’s left shoulder in the above photo.

Image: @Stefani4CA via Twitter

And we see another arrangement in this image, on a table at which the guests were clearly treated to a very nice buffet. Wonder if those caterers ever got paid!

Image: @Stefani4CA via Twitter

Either way, the florist has not. Worthy reportedly promised the shop they’d start receiving payment installments by January 25 this year, but then Worthy was fired on January 24.

Parenthetically, SFPD just canceled their contract with SF SAFE Thursday, according to the SF Standard. But there is no word on whether anyone is picking up the tab on SF SAFE’s unpaid bills.

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Image: Adele F. via Yelp