An apparently very angry homeless man who was familiar to police from previous arrests caused some mayhem Thursday morning at Le Marais, a bakery cafe in the Castro that has been the site of multiple incidents of crime.

The man, who has not yet been publicly identified, stormed into Le Marais around 8:20 a.m. Thursday, as the SF Standard is reporting. Employees recognized the man from two previous incidents on Monday and Wednesday when he allegedly came in and stole pastries, but this time he appeared angrier and was more destructive.

According to the staff, the man "began aggressively swearing and grabbing pastries before leaving and starting to toss outdoor chairs and tables around." And after they locked the doors, he allegedly smeared a croissant on a window and refused to leave, all while menacing the area outside the cafe.

One employee eventually went outside — and a patron says that he also told the man to move on or that he'd call police — and the suspect then allehedly engaged in a fistfight with the employee. That employee ended up with a cut on his hand and a bruised arm.

Police ultimately did arrive after the suspect had walked off toward Dolores Park, and when they were shown video of the incident they reportedly told employees, "Oh, yeah, we arrest him all the time," the Standard reports.

A neighbor who's a regular at the cafe, the one who called police and a mental health crisis team to the scene, said he did not recognize the man but that he definitely had a scary look in his eyes.

Le Marais, which began out in the avenues, opened this location at Sanchez and 18th streets in 2017.

The place suffered multiple break-ins in recent years, with a particularly bad break-in and burglary in late December 2022, as Hoodline reported at the time. The cafe was also burglarized three times in 2020, including once in December of that year.

Photo via Google Streetview