• A Delaware judge ruled against a $56 billion compensation package for Elon Musk granted by Tesla's board over five years ago. Richard Tornetta, a former heavy metal drummer and owner of nine Tesla shares, challenged the package in court — though he may have just been a front for a firm representing multiple shareholders — arguing that Musk unilaterally influenced compensation terms and that shareholder approval relied on incomplete and misleading information. [Chronicle]
  • Musk got really mad and suggested he may move Tesla’s incorporation from Delaware to Texas. “Never incorporate your company in the state of Delaware,” he warned in a tweet on Tuesday.  [Gizmodo]
  • A former California State University professor from San Jose, Gary Stephen Maynard, pleaded guilty to setting fires around the Dixie Fire in 2021. The 49-year-old apparently engaged in an "arson spree" in the Shasta Trinity National Forest during July and August of 2021, exacerbating efforts to manage California's second-largest wildfire at the time. [SFGATE]
  • House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi is sticking to her guns about some protesters advocating for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict being Russian plants. However, she still hasn't presented any evidence linking the protesters to Russia beyond claiming that their messaging aligns with the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. [Chronicle]
  • Authorities issued a flood watch for a large region, including the Bay Area and Central Coast, as this new atmospheric river approaches California. It will take effect on Saturday. [KTVU]
  • Two daycare workers from a South Bay daycare, charged in the deaths of two toddlers who drowned in October 2023 after allegedly leaving children unsupervised near a swimming pool, appeared in court for the first time Friday. [KNTV]

Feature image via Unsplash/Jake Weirick.