• There was significant ponding of water as storm drains backed up in the Mission District and elsewhere during Wednesday's storm. A clogged drain led to some minor flooding at Broadway and Franklin Street, and there was also ponding on Valencia around 18th Street, on Folsom Street, and elsewhere. [Chronicle]
  • North Bay residents seem to have been largely spared with this storm, which had been predicted to bring more rain and wind than it did. [KPIX]
  • There were downed trees across the region, including one 30-foot Monterey pine that crashed into home near Sutro Tower in SF, and one that fell onto an apartment building in Daly City. [KTVU]
  • While most of the storm has passed, there are pockets of rain still passing through our area, and heavy downpours and/or thunder will be possible throughout Thursday afternoon. [NWSBayArea/X]
  • A gaping hole in a curb in Chinatown, which had become a significant tripping hazard, took a year and a story from a local news outlet to get fixed, highlighting the backlog of such complaints at SF's Department of Public Works. [ABC 7]
  • The 54-year-old Denny's location on Hegenberger Road in Oakland is closing down for good due to safety concerns for employees and customers. [KTVU]
  • City council meetings in Berkeley, which were never tame affairs, have been particularly drama-filled in recent months, and a second council member, Kate Harrison, who is planning to run for mayor, just resigned in dramatic fashion during a council meeting. [Chronicle]

Photo via MySFPUC/X