We’ve heard untold numbers of sexual assault stories from women riding Lyft and Uber over the years, but the latest stands out, because the alleged victim says she was impregnated by a driver who raped her.

Allegations from women riding Uber and Lyft saying drivers committed sexual assaults are nothing new. Consider that in late 2019, Lyft faced a lawsuit from 14 different women claiming their Lyft drivers sexually assaulted them, and only three months later, another 20 women filed a similar lawsuit saying they’d been sexually assaulted too.

But it’s even more troubling that CNN reports that a Florida woman just sued Lyft in a San Francisco federal court saying their her driver not only raped her, but impregnated her too. The incident happened in 2019, and the child is now nearly four years old.  

The plaintiff has gone public with her full name, Tabatha Means, and her full lawsuit is available online. It does not name the driver, but says the driver first asked her to sit in the front seat, then touched her inappropriately during the ride, and then insisted on helping her into the house because she was intoxicated. That’s when she says the driver raped her.

Lyft contends the rape occurred during an “off-app” ride, and therefore they bear no responsibility. Means says that while her ex-husband ordered the ride for her, it was definitely an app-ordered ride.

Lyft said in a statement to CNN that “The alleged incident from 2019 did not take place on the Lyft platform while using the Lyft app, but rather involved a separate trip arranged between the individuals involved. Lyft has worked to design policies and features that protect both drivers and riders, and we are always working to make Lyft an even safer platform.”

Means’s attorney is indignant toward that claim. “This incident absolutely involved a trip booked through the Lyft App, and Lyft’s attempt to deflect liability is a perfect example of its bad faith handling of this crisis,” that attorney Rachel Abrams said in a statement to CNN. “There is no dispute Tabatha’s Lyft driver repeatedly raped her resulting in pregnancy and the birth of her son.”

And Means’s lawsuit says that she has genetic testing results confirming “probability of 99.9999999998%” certainty that the Lyft driver is indeed the child’s father.

“Every day is a battle,” Means said in an interview with CNN in an interview Friday. “I cannot imagine a day of my life without that little boy that was a surprise and not expected, but he is everything to me.”

Meanwhile, a 2022 civil suit from 550 women claiming their driver sexually assaulted them is still making its way through the courts.

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