A second home-built aircraft has crashed inside of two weeks in the Bay Area, killing the pilot aboard, and pointing to a disturbing apparent trend.

There was a crash of a small, two-seat airplane in Concord Tuesday morning which occurred on a heavily trafficked street near Buchanan Field Airport. The aircraft involved was a Van's RV-6, a so-called "kitplane" that was presumably assembled by the owner, which retails for around $70,000 new.

As Bay Area News Group reports, the plane went down just before 11 a.m. at the intersection of Diamond Boulevard and Concord Avenue. The plane appeared in photos to be mostly in one piece, but the sole occupant, the pilot, died in the crash, as authorities confirmed a short while later.

The plane appears to have had a catastrophic problem shortly after takeoff, which is what happened two weeks ago in the case of the homebuilt aircraft that went down in the ocean near Half Moon Bay. Four people died in that crash, and their remains are still being found, with one body recovered on Monday, and one still missing.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are now investigating that crash, which occurred on January 14.

The Concord crash, given where it occurred, could have been far more disastrous, however it thankfully did not collide with any vehicles or people on the ground.

The plane may also have had significant trouble taking off, and had already performed a "touch and go" before crashing.

"It had just taken off from the airport," says Contra Costa Fire Battalion Chief Kevin Platt, speaking to KGO. "I've heard conflicting reports that it was doing touch-and-gos or had taken off several times already, I don't know. But this time it had just taken off and it took what was reported to us as an abrupt nosedive."

The name of the pilot who died has not yet been released.

Photo via Van's