A Brentwood woman is dead at the hands of her significant other, and authorities engaged in a standoff with the apparent shooter outside a bedroom in Brentwood for 12 hours before he ultimately took his own life Tuesday morning.

Police and Contra Costa County sheriff's deputies were called to the home on the 200 block of East Sims Road in Brentwood Monday night, for a welfare check.

Deputies tell KTVU that, after arriving at the home, they found a man who had barricaded himself inside a bedroom and refused to come out. He later told authorities that he had fatally shot a woman who was inside the room with him.

The suspect claimed to be armed with several guns.

As KTVU reports, a standoff ensued lasting through the night, about 12 hours, before police and deputies heard a gunshot inside the room. SWAT team members responded and found both the male suspect and the woman deceased.

Neither has been publicly identified by the coroner's office, but a man who identified himself as the woman's son, Adrian Orozco, told KTVU that he witnessed the beginning the conflict that escalated before he self-evacuated from the home, and he may have been the one to call in the welfare check.

"This is not the first time it has happened — he's put his hands on my mom before, multiple times," Orozco tells the station. "He's also held her at gunpoint before as well, this is honestly nothing new to us."

Update: Both the man and the woman have been identified. The woman killed was 40-year-old Shara Kent of Brentwood, and the man was 37-year-old Craig Goatley of Brentwood.

This is the second case of a domestic violence incident escalating into a standoff in Contra Costa County in recent weeks, though this one ended more tragically.

The previous incident, which happened in early December in Pleasant Hill, involved a retired Pittsburg police detective who may have been in the midst of a mental health crisis. Both the man and his wife, who sustained a gunshot wound, survived the incident.

That former policeman, Chunliam Saechao, pleaded not guilty to charges against him this month, and his attorneys are arguing that he did not receive proper mental-health treatment from his former department.

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