The Santa Rosa Police Department just arrested a 64-year-old man who they say is connected to a local drug ring, and in his car they say they found four pounds of methamphetamine intended for sale.

Santa Rosa, like multiple corners of the Bay Area, has a persistent meth problem. And Santa Rosa police say they began investigating one drug-trafficking outfit in December that led to a recent arrest and meth seizure.

A suspect who they say is linked to this drug ring, 64-year-old Ronald Lamb of Windsor, was pulled over by police Sunday morning. At the time, Lamb was headed northbound on Highway 101 near Baker Avenue in Santa Rosa.

The reason for the traffic stop is not clear, though it may just be that police were on the lookout for Lamb and his vehicle. They say he was pulled over Sunday "pursuant to a search warrant," and at that point, his vehicle was searched.

Police say they found "approximately 4 pounds of suspected methamphetamine on the passenger floorboard of his vehicle," and Lamb was detained "without incident."

Two more ounces of meth were then allegedly found at a residence connected to Lamb on the 100 block of Mirna Court in Windsor, along with drug packaging materials.

Lamb was subsequently booked into Sonoma County Jail on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance for sale and transportation of a controlled substance for sale.

While four pounds is certainly a significant quantity of meth, this bust pales in comparison to one that Santa Rosa police made in October 2022, in which 73 pounds (33 kilos) of meth was seized. Considering that one dose of meth is around 10 mg, that equates to about 3 million doses.

Photo via Santa Rosa PD