The annual Walk for Life is happening on Market Street in San Francisco, and it's all but guaranteed to be a wet one — but the godly among them are praying that rays of sunshine will come through like they apparently did a few years ago.

It always feels like one of the most discordant moments of the year when evangelical Christians and other anti-abortion folk from around the Bay Area and beyond descend on our local Sodom called San Francisco to rally against women ending their pregnancies.

Well, they'll be back at it, "rain or shine," on Saturday, January 20, and they're likely going to see some, if not a lot, of rain when they "walk for life" on Market Street in the afternoon.

The forecast has rain coming through in the morning, another 30% chance of rain around 1 or 2 p.m. when the march is happening, and then higher chances of more rain returning around 5 or 6 p.m.

But the language on the Walk for Life website makes it sound like any break in the rain will be by God's divine providence.

"Remember a few years ago when it was forecasted to have thunderstorms during the Walk and we all prayed and the skies opened up for us and not a drop of rain fell during our event? We do," the organizers say. "While we’re confident that we will have good weather on Saturday (forecasts are now saying only a 5% chance of rain during the time of the Walk), please come prepared for a little rain. If the folks on the east coast can march in freezing temperatures (literally), then we can show our support through a little rain."

Yes, the D.C. March for Life happened today amid pretty snowy, chilly conditions, as the Associated Press reports. House Speaker Mike Johnson, a vocal anti-abortion guy, was one of the featured speakers at the National Mall, and the message of the event was generally "our work is not done" after the fall of Roe v. Wade.

Anyone thinking they would like to brave the weather and go confront the anti-abortion marchers in SF should know that everyone there is instructed not to look at, respond, or even acknowledge counter-protesters who show up — so they're going to pretend they're not listening if you're talking to them.

Also, organizers say, "To maintain the peaceful and prayerful attitude of the Walk, please do not bring any graphic images of abortions to the Walk."

The Walk for Life will begin with an "info faire" at Civic Center Plaza at 11 a.m. Saturday, followed by a rally at 12:30, and the march down Market begins at 1:30 p.m.