A 20-year-old San Francisco man is in jail for carjacking and assault, after hooking up with a Grindr date, allegedly pulling out a semiautomatic weapon, trying to steal the date’s car, and then shooting him.

You would think that an online hookup went well if it quickly led to consensual sex in a car. But consider that it did not go well if following that sex, one party pulls out a semiautomatic weapon, tries to steal the car, and shoots their date.

And that’s what happened with two men who reportedly met on Grindr, according to Bay Area News Group’s description of a Grindr date in the East Bay that ended with an attempted carjacking and assault with a semiautomatic weapon.

The News Group’s report does not name the suspect, and describes him only as a “20-year-old San Francisco man.” But the report does note that the SF suspect is currently in jail with bond set at $155,000, with his next court appearance being scheduled for January 17.

The report also does not note the specific date on the encounter. But it says that after the two men had sex, and then the suspect pulled out the semiautomatic firearm and attempted to steal the car. The victim fought back, and struggled to take the gun, but was shot in the upper leg and buttock. The victim checked himself into San Leandro hospital, and later told his tale to police.

The victim did not even know the suspect’s name. But he still had the Grindr profile (which does have location data), which police were able to use to identify the suspect.

Police then arrested the suspect when he showed up to court for a completely separate, unrelated gun charge in Oakland.

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Image: LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 24: The "Grindr" app logo is seen amongst other dating apps on a mobile phone screen on November 24, 2016 in London, England.  (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)