A female driver apparently speeding westbound into San Francisco from the Bay Bridge took the Harrison Street off-ramp going way too fast Sunday night, and flew right off it into an adjacent building.

The solo crash happened around 11:05 p.m. Sunday. As the CHP explains in a social media post, a report came in of a crash near the Sterling Street on-ramp to the Bay Bridge.

As it turns out, the car was traveling westbound on the bridge at an unknown rate of speed and flew off the Harrison Street off-ramp (seen below), landing on the Sterling Street on-ramp only after colliding with a building (the Clocktower Lofts) and dropping down some unknown number of feet.

The car caused damage to the second and third floors of the Clocktower Lofts building, including smashing windows in two of the units, one of them significantly.

The ramp in question, photo via CHP
The damaged building, photo via CHP
The Clocktower Lofts building, photo via Google Street View

There's no word on whether anyone was home inside that part of the building when the crash occurred.

The CHP says that the female driver, was seatbelted, was extricated from the vehicle — which sustained more damaged to the passenger side than the driver's side — and she is being treated for "unknown injuries.

Photo via CHP
Photo via CHP

"The Toyota collided with the concrete jersey wall bordering the north side of the exit as it entered the curved portion of the roadway," the CHP explains. "The Toyota continued along the north jersey wall before subsequently continuing over the wall, where it then struck the building adjacent to the elevated ramp. After colliding with the building, the Toyota continued its descent and struck the pavement below, where it came to rest on the shoulder of the on-ramp."

And, the CHP notes, "This incident is a good reminder to ensure proper usage of a safety belt for any drivers and for all passengers. Seatbelts save lives!"