A big-rig's brakes froze up on I-80 Thursday, on the westbound, downward slope of Donner Pass, and the driver was left to keep the thing steady as it slid down the hill.

This occurred Thursday morning just before 11 a.m., while chains were still be required on this sectionn of I-80, following the blizzard conditions on Wednesday.

CHP Truckee officers appeared to be providing an escort for the truck's slow glide down the pass, with a vehicle out in front and one behind keeping traffic at bay.

The truck and its driver apparently made it to safety, but wow!

"Chain control is still up on I-80 over Donner Summit. The brake lines on this big rig froze up causing it to lock up, but we were able to get the driver to a safer location. Props to the big rig driver for his driving skills!" CHP Truckee wrote.