Sacramento is getting in the crab season spirit.

Outgoing Assemblymember Jim Wood, the North Coast’s representative since 2014, recently introduced Assembly Bill 1797, which aims to immortalize Metacarcinus magister, the iconic Dungeness crab, as the state's official crustacean.

It would add the Dungeness crab to a laundry list of official state fauna: the now-extinct California Grizzly Bear (official state animal); the California gray whale (marine mammal); the California dogface butterfly (insect); the golden trout (freshwater fish); and the desert tortoise (reptile). That’s not to mention the flora: golden poppies (official state flower); California redwoods (tree); purple needlegrass (grass); lace lichen (lichen); and California golden chanterelle (mushroom). (And did you know that California's official state dance is West Coast Swing?)

The bill makes a compelling case, describing the Dungeness crab as "an essential part of California's ecosystem and economy." It’s already garnered support, co-authored by Senator Mike McGuire, as well as Assemblymembers Dawn Addis and Gail Pellerin, per the Mercury News.

Wood expects some good jokes to come out of it, too. He posted on social media requesting some crab puns.

Meanwhile, commercial Dungeness crab season is still in limbo. Its start date has been delayed several times, and despite being set for Friday, January 5, it looks like it might get pushed back once again. Local fisherman are in the midst of ongoing price negotiations with seafood distribution companies, claiming that the crab prices offered for are too low, as the Times-Standard reported.

Image via /Flickr under Creative Commons.