Some “projection activists” did a number on the SF Ferry Building just before the clock struck midnight for the fireworks show Sunday night, briefly displaying “STFU Musk” and other messages hammering Donald Trump and London Breed.

For the first ten days of December, SF’s Ferry Building was one of six downtown buildings that were a canvas for dazzling holiday projection displays. But on the last night of December, the Ferry Building was used for a very different set of (unauthorized) projection displays, and right as about 80,000 people were there to take in the New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

KRON4 reports that some rabble-rousing activists projected unauthorized political displays on the Ferry Building right as the fireworks show was set to begin. One photo from KRON4 shows the projected message “STFU Musk,” an obvious reference to Twitter/X owner Elon Musk. Another seems to take aim at Mayor London Breed, with a message starting with “Mayor Breed’s corruption…,” though the rest of the message is not legible on KRON4’s photo.  

According to KRON4, the messages "showed up shortly before the clock struck midnight" on New Year's Eve.

But over on Twitter, some users posted other projections that were apparently briefly visible Sunday night. The image above shows the message “Lock him up” and “Trump is guilty AF” briefly projected onto the Ferry Building’s facade.

Another message declared “From the river to the sea” and “#CeasefireNow,” though someone maybe ought to tell the original poster above that the red and green lights on the Ferry Building during the holiday season were not intended to make the building “lit up in Palestinian flag colors.”

Were any of you readers there for this? Were there any other projections? How long did they last? Did anyone see any others? If anyone has firsthand knowledge or pictures of what went down during the Ferry Building projection Sunday night, project your thoughts into the comments section below.

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Image: @ThinkTraumaKits via Twitter