A protest in SF's Union Square Saturday seeking to disrupt the holiday shopping rush and call attention to the war in Gaza led to one protester climbing the Union Square Christmas tree.

An alert went out around 4 p.m. about police activity in Union Square, and this was linked to the protest, and the one male protester who climbed halfway up the artificial tree in the center of Union Square waving a "Free Palestine" sign.

Video from the Citizen app, seen below, showed some individuals cheering as the man waved his sign.

Protester Climbing Tree @CitizenApp

280 Geary St 3:30:25 PM PST

As the Chronicle reports, one protester was arrested earlier for unknown reasons.

The demonstration reportedly attracted around 100 participants, some of whom carried signs that said "No Xmas as usual in a genocide” and “DA Jenkins drop all charges on the Bay Bridge 78."

The latter sign refers to the 78 protesters who were being arraigned last week on misdemeanor charges for their participation in a protest that halted traffic on the Bay Bridge for four hours during APEC week last month. Around 200 protesters gathered at SF's Hall of Justice on Monday vowing to protest these arraignments all week.

This is a developing story.