BART Police engaged in a car chase Tuesday afternoon with a vehicle that had been reported stolen in Fremont. But when they finally nabbed the driver, they made the unusual discovery of five newborn puppies inside the stolen car.

It all started like a fairly normal police operation regarding  a stolen car. A blue Hyundai SUV had been reported stolen from Fremont. The Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force, working with BART Police, spotted that car (certainly looking a little worse for the wear), in the Coliseum BART parking lot Tuesday afternoon. And after a car chase with the driver of the stolen vehicle, and the eventual arrest of that driver, KRON4 reports BART Police found a box of very young puppies cooped up inside the stolen car.

As BART Police described in a Wednesday Facebook post, they say they “spotted a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Fremont being driven through the Coliseum Station parking lot. Officers attempted to make a stop, but the suspect fled in the vehicle.”

Then things got odd when one of the dogs jumped out of an open window of the stolen vehicle. The vehicle eventually stopped, and the driver was taken into custody. But upon examining the stolen car, BART Police say “Multiple puppies were found in the vehicle.” They fortunately took pictures of the little nippers, who do appear to be quite young.

The driver of the stolen car, 28-year-old Courtney Taylor of Oakland, was arrested and charged with eight felonies and misdemeanors. She’s been booked into Santa Rita Jail. According to jail records, she’s been booked on the expected receiving a stolen vehicle and evading arrest charges, but also one charge of cruelty to animals.

BART Police say the puppies are now in the care of Oakland Animal Control. But there’s still no word on the adult dog that jumped from the vehicle, and that dog has not been located.

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Image: BART Police Department via Facebook