It was nowhere near the size of Saturday’s downtown SF March that drew thousands, but a couple dozen Code Pink protesters demonstrated outside Nancy Pelosi’s house Sunday calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

It is not a particularly new thing for the rabble-rousers of Code Pink to plan a protest outside the Pac Heights home of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Code Pinkers camped outside her house in 2007 to protest the Iraq War (even though Pelosi voted against the invasion), and shortly after October’s bloody escalation of Israel-Hamas conflict, a Code Pink ceasefire protest outside Pelosi’s drew all of about three people.

Their numbers were a little larger on Sunday, as KTVU reports on another Code Pink protest at Nancy Pelosi’s house calling for her to support a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. According to KTVU, "Organizers said about 100 people were expected,” but KTVU and NBC Bay Area both described the crowd as “dozens of protesters,” which is consistent with what’s seen in video footage from both outlets. Though a KTVU correspondent added “this is probably the largest turnout they’ve had” at demonstrations outside Pelosi’s home.

“She’s a mother, she’s a grandmother, many of us are mothers here,” Code Pink organizer Cynthia Papermaster told NBC Bay Area. “I can barely sleep with what I’m seeing going on there. And we’re funding it. That’s what’s really tearing me up as much as anything. So she should stop the funding, stop the enabling of a genocide going on in front of our eyes.”

This protest was nowhere near the size of Saturday’s downtown SF rally calling for a ceasefire, which the Chronicle reports attracted thousands. And that rally came amidst the SF Board of Supervisors possibly considering a resolution calling for a ceasefire, as has been done by Richmond City Council and Oakland City Council.

That resolution is currently in the works from Supervisor Dean Preston’s office, and the Chronicle reported Sunday that the SF supervisors are “likely to consider a resolution this week calling for a cease-fire and the release of all hostages.” Though their meeting this week is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 5, and that item does not currently appear on Tuesday’s meeting agenda.

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Image: Codepink Women for Peace, San Francisco Bay Area via Facebook