A Bay Area woman has gone missing after she was last seen at an airport in Houston, Texas on the day before Thanksgiving, and her family is desperate to locate her.

Danielle Friedland, 36, who lives with a husband and two children in Piedmont, had been in the Houston area receiving mental health care, as KTRK reports. She was last seen at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on November 22, but she never boarded the plane back to California that she was scheduled to be on.

Her husband, Jordan Friedland, gave a statement to KTRK saying, "Dani has been going through an unexpected but ongoing mental health issue for several months now, and we just love and support her."

As the Chronicle reports, via Houston police, Ms. Friedland had been experiencing depression.

According to her husband, her treatment had reportedly been going well, and she was supposed to fly home to reunite with her family — the couple has a two-year-old and a five-year-old — for Thanksgiving.

"Our kids miss her more than anything in the world," Jordan Friedland tells KTRK. "She's the most amazing mom in the world and the world is a better place with her and being a mom, friend, and community member."

Family members have reportedly flown to Houston to try to locate her. The family said they believed she might have gone into downtown Houston.

Police said Friedland left the airport with $160 in cash and a debit card, but none of her luggage.

"One of the scariest things for me is that Dani doesn't know Houston," said Jordan Friedland, speaking to local station KHOU. "She doesn't have friends or family here. She doesn't have her luggage, her credit cards, her phone and I just can't imagine how scary that must be."

Anyone with information on Friedland's location is asked to contact the family at 832-378-8798 or the Houston Police Department at 832-394-1840.