An Amazon delivery driver in San Ramon had a wild ride on Saturday afternoon.

An unidentified man and woman driving a dark-colored SUV allegedly intentionally crashed into an Amazon delivery truck around 3 p.m., forcing them two vehicles to the side of the road, according to KRON4. Then, the woman reportedly entered the Amazon truck while it was pulled over near Crow Canyon Road and San Ramon Valley Boulevard to hold up the driver — forcing him to proceed to a local Bank of America in San Ramon, while the man followed behind in the SUV.

At the bank, the suspects reportedly coerced the Amazon driver to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash, according to authorities. Following this, they reportedly forced the victim to drive to another Bank of America location in Dublin — but when that transaction didn’t go through, they fled the scene, leaving the driver.

Remarkably, the Amazon employee contacted his boss before notifying the police, and the boss subsequently reported the incident to the authorities. Police stated that there were no reported injuries for both the victim and the suspects.

The San Ramon Police Department said that it is actively investigating the incident, and further details, including the specific Bank of America locations involved, have not been disclosed as of now.

Feature image of Bank of America on Crow Canyon Place, San Ramon, via Google Street View.