William Monroe "Tariq" Palmer II, a prominent member of two crucial oversight bodies in San Francisco’s criminal justice system, has been booked to SF Jail on suspicion of multiple felony sexual assault charges.

Palmer is accused of assault with intent to cause great bodily injury, sexual battery by restraint, sodomy by force, and false imprisonment, according to the Chronicle.

The alleged incident occurred in late August, where Palmer reportedly offered a ride to a woman walking to a BART station, took her to his home, and assaulted her. He was reportedly booked into jail Thursday and his first court appearance is scheduled for Monday. He doesn’t face formal charges yet, per the Standard.

Palmer’s story was initially one of redemption coming out of the criminal justice system — he was sentenced to life in prison at 17 after trying to rob an off-duty police officer at gunpoint, after which he was sentenced to prison, as the Chronicle reported. He then faced parole denials over two decades but eventually won release, with the California Supreme Court deeming his 23-year incarceration excessive.

He sits on the SF’s Sentencing Commission, which advises the mayor and Board of Supervisors on public safety, reduce recidivism, and criminal sentencing reform, and joined the sheriff’s oversight board in 2021.

Now, Supervisor Aaron Peskin has reportedly called for Palmer's resignation from the sheriff’s oversight board.

Image of SF County Jail via Google Street View.