The Mission Street vending ban is now delayed until after Thanksgiving, reportedly because of APEC, an event for which the city is determined to clear Fisherman’s Wharf of bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors.

At Tuesday’s SF Board of Supervisors meeting, dozens of DPW employees from the street vendor enforcement program showed up in their bright yellow vests to complain about violence directed at them when they try to clear out illegal vendors on Mission Street. One called their job “a living nightmare,” another described “threats of harm to ourselves and sometimes our families,” and even a former Marine said “I have people in my face telling me they have gang members (who are) going to follow me home on the 49 bus.” The masked commenter seen below said, “I don’t want my name or face associated with vendor enforcement. That does not end well for people.”

Image: SFGovTV

Because of that uptick in violence against DPW workers on vending patrol, Supervisor Hillary Ronen’s office announced a vending ban on Mission Street that was scheduled to go into place “starting in November.” But we’re now more than a week into November, and Mission Local is reporting the Mission Street vending ban implementation will be delayed until November 27, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend.

Mission Local adds that Ronen’s legislative aide Santiago Lerma “said that the delay is due to extra logistical pressures on the city related to the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) event.” We noted in late October that the city is cracking down on bacon-wrapped hot dog carts in particular for APEC, so maybe those resources are being directed elsewhere, as the Mission District is an area unlikely to see much APEC influx.

Though the city is also trying to find alternative arrangements for the legal vendors, likely in currently vacant storefronts, and they probably need to buy more time to arrange that.

And the ban is likely to be complicated, even if English is one’s first language. Mission Local’s report contains a map of the coming Mission Street vending ban rules, with byzantine exceptions like “Vending will be prohibited on the west side of Capp St. On the east side, it will ‘be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.’”

And while there is a reported crackdown coming on bacon-wrapped hot dog carts for APEC, Mission District bacon lovers and late-night drunks may not have to worry about that happening on their stomping grounds. As we’ve previously reported, food vendors might not be included in the Mission Street vending ban.

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Image: Joe Kukura SFist