• One person was shot and killed by police early Tuesday near Oakland's City Hall. The 4 a.m. shooting occurred near San Pablo Avenue and 16th Street, which is near Frank Ogawa Plaza, which is right outside the Oakland Police Department Internal Affairs office.* [KTVU]
  • It's a story we've heard for at least six years now, and well before the pandemic: People say they ride BART less often because they don't feel safe. BART hopes those new fare gates will help the trains feel safer, but some stations are just reflections of the neighborhoods outside, like Civic Center. [KPIX]
  • The major consequence of low ridership is that BART is no longer financially independent, and fare revenue remains down by $300 million. [KPIX]
  • In the cases of two Turkish men who were killed ten days apart in September in the same San Leandro parking lot, allegedly by the same man, their lives were remarkably similar. [Chronicle]
  • The 69-year-old captain of the Conception — the dive boat that went up in flames near Santa Barbara in September 2019, killing 33 passengers on board, many of them Bay Area residents — has been convicted by a jury of "seaman's manslaughter," and could face up to ten years in prison. [Chronicle]
  • A lawsuit against the U.S. State Department, filed by the family of an 81-year-old Daly City woman who was trapped in Gaza, has been dropped, after the woman was able to leave Gaza through the Rafah crossing into Egypt on Friday. [KTVU]
  • The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a potentially pivotal gun rights case involving the question of whether the government can disarm individuals who have domestic violence restraining orders filed against them. [New York Times]

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*This post has been updated to show that this was an officer-involved shooting.