Woods Beer & Wine Co. is expanding yet again, and the brewery is readying a seventh location in the middle of SF, in Cole Valley, at the site of the former Reverie Cafe (848 Cole Street).

After establishing a presence in multiple corners of SF and the Bay Area, 17-year-old Woods Beer & Wine Co. will soon be bringing its unique beers, natural wines, and beer-wine hybrids to the Cole Valley neighborhood. As the Chronicle reports, the brewery plans to have its latest taproom open early next year — around the same time as its still in-progress San Anselmo outpost.

Owner Jim Woods tells the paper he was most attracted to the former Reverie Cafe's garden patio, adding, "we want to create a community space similar to how Reverie was."

Reverie Cafe closed in February after 21 years in business.

Woods Beer & Wine Co. began over a decade ago as Cerveceria de Mate Veza (now Woods Cerveceria) at the corner of 18th and Church, specializing in a yerba mate-infused beer. Owner Jim Woods started out as a home brewer, and has built his brand around quirky, unusual brews — like a hibiscus-infused herb beer called Morpho, and the Islay IPA, which is aged in Laphroaig scotch barrels — and on small taproom experiences.

Woods tells the Chronicle that this model, with one central production facility on Treasure Island and limited distribution, has "allowed us to build a brand without going into huge debt to create a massive production scale."

To that end, Woods has been seeking small investors for its expansion efforts to Cole Valley and San Anselmo, and he's raised about one-third of a $1.6 million goal.

Each Woods taproom has a food component, and both new locations are going to feature Oklahoma-style onion smashburgers and drive-thru-style burgers from Oakland-based Lovely's. (The Dolores Park-adjacent Cerveceria and Woods Polk Station have always served empanadas, and the Lower Haight location features Joyride Pizza made onsite, in other food offerings.)

For a primer on Oklahoma onion burgers, check out this piece on Serious Eats.

Woods Beer & Wine Co. Cole Valley - 848 Cole Street - Opening in early 2024