An Arkansas mother of eight children, who apparently lost them all because of battery charges, allegedly abducted all eight to get them back. She was found with the children early Saturday morning, 2,000 miles away in NorCal’s Shasta County.

An odd series of events at a gas station in Shasta County led to the recovery of eight children who’d been abducted in Arkansas. In Shasta County’s small town of Anderson, about 200 miles north of San Francisco, a “concerned citizen” called 911 to request a welfare check on six kids and the woman chaperoning them at a small plaza with an Arco gas station and a El Delicioso Burrito restaurant. The caller said the woman was “displaying bizarre behavior,” per police.

But what they discovered about her was even more bizarre. As SFGate reports the Anderson Police Department found she appears to have abducted all eight of the children, and there was a warrant for her arrest in Arkansas on kidnapping charges.

The woman owns the Dodge pick-up truck seen with Arkansas plates, and its interior was scattered with trash. Police did a check to find the woman was 36-year-old Trista Fullerton, of Rogers, Arkansas. And she has quite the background.

“A records check revealed Trista to have a felony warrant for her arrest for the abduction of eight children,” the Anderson Police Department said in a Saturday morning Facebook post. “A records check on the eight children revealed them to all be listed as abducted with protective custody warrants issued for their safety.”

Fullerton is the biological mother of all eight children. SFGate reports she was “previously charged with multiple cases of domestic battery in Arkansas,” and that all eight children had been placed in foster homes, but were later reported abducted. Fullerton had six of the children with her at the time of the arrest, and afterwards, Shasta County sheriff's deputies recovered the other two children in a town called Cottonwood a few miles south.

All eight children were released to Shasta County Children and Family Services, who will reunify them with their legal guardians in Arkansas. Per SFGate, Fullerton remains in Shasta County Jail without bail.

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Image: Anderson Police Department via Facebook