Some surprisingly high-end items were being sold by street vendors on Mission Street, as SFPD says they busted two vendors suspected to be part of a fencing operation, selling an estimated $17,880 worth of stuff allegedly stolen from Lululemon and Victoria's Secret.

In our coverage of the ongoing Mission Street vending saga, SFist has noted that some of the items for sale are clearly just used rummage sale stuff like old shoes. Other items or sale have visible price tags on them, often identifying the retailer from whom they were presumably stolen.

The latest bust of unpermitted Mission Street vendors falls into that latter category, with SFPD saying that two vending booths near 14th and Mission streets were selling clothing “branded retail store tags, security tags, and/or other identifiable antitheft devices.”

Those vendors were arrested, and KPIX reports SFPD recovered more than $17,000 worth of allegedly stolen merchandise. An official SFPD press release pegs it as “approximately $17,880 worth of stolen retail merchandise.”

Admittedly, the above image does not appear to be $17,880 worth of retail apparel at first glance. But the images may not show the full scope of the vending booths, and moreover, the bust may have involved the vendors’ vehicles, which may have been packed with more stuff.

And a separate tweet from the SFPD Investigations Bureau (albeit with the same images)  says “We coordinated with Victoria's Secret and Lululemon to investigate a suspected fence operation,” which resulted in these arrests. So yes, if it’s Victoria's Secret apparel, one could see that quickly adding up to north of $17,000. But one has to wonder… how much are they charging for Victoria's Secret apparel being sold on folding tables (or the ground) on Mission Street?

Either way, police arrested three suspects who were operating two booths. According to a release, they arrested 59-year-old Deysi Ramirez of San Francisco, and 40-year-old Veronica Lumbreras Villanueva of Daly City, both on charges of possession of stolen property and conspiracy. They also arrested and subsequently released 43-year-old Marvin Dick Godoy Calderon of San Francisco, who only faced possession of stolen property charges.

The arrests took place last Saturday, October 7. And per SFPD, it was an “undercover operation.”

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Image: @SFPD via Twitter