A Gilroy man has reportedly admitted to police that he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and burned her dismembered remains in order to cover up or retaliate for a rape accusation she had filed against him.

31-year-old Ivan Alfaro Escobedo was arrested on August 30 in connection with the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, 33-year-old Alyssa Nicole Salazar of Salinas, but it was only last week that human remains found in burn barrels on Escobedo's sister's property were confirmed to be those of Salazar, as KSBW reported.

Salazar was last seen alive on July 26, after she was seen getting into a vehicle with Escobedo. In April, Salazar had filed a rape accusation against Escobedo, an investigation into which was ongoing as of July. Days before her disappearance, Salazar's family members say they received a threatening phone call from someone they believed to be Escobedo, threatening to kill her and them if their cooperation with police persisted.

As KRON4 reports, Gilroy Police Department Detective Jason Greathead wrote in a police report that neighbors witnessed fires in two burn barrels next to a trailer occupied by Escobedo and his sister which began on July 26. Escobedo also allegedly told a neighbor that he had shot Salazar in his car, cut up her body in the trailer's bathtub, and burned it in the barrels.

Following Escobedo's arrest, investigators found what have turned out to be Salazar’s skull, hand, and rib bones in in the barrels. Also, "red-brown stains [were found] on the front passenger door frame and seat foam" of Escobedo's car which came back positive for blood, also Salazar's.

Escobedo has reportedly admitted his crimes to police, as the Chronicle reports. He was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, and he has been custody at the Santa Clara County jail without bail since late August.

This is the second high-profile case of domestic violence dismemberment in the Bay Area this summer. The other was the case of 27-year-old Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner, which as of Tuesday is moving ahead to trial, after a three-day preliminary hearing. Buckner's boyfriend, Joseph Carl Roberts, is accused of killing Buckner in the Pleasanton apartment they shared, dismembering her body, and disposing of it partly on an Alameda shoreline. Parts of Buckner's remains, including her head and hands, still have not been found.