The SFPD made multiple arrests last week in connection with organized retail thefts in the city, but two incidents happened at the same store, the Lululemon at 2040 Fillmore Street.

Four people have been charged in two separate incidents of organized retail theft at the Pacific Heights Lululemon location, involving a total of over $22,000 worth of merchandise.

We heard yesterday from District Attorney Brooke Jenkins that two people, SF resident Shaka Jinks, 24, and San Mateo resident Breanna Jones, 18, had been charged with organized retail theft, grand theft, and second-degree commercial burglary, among other charges. Jinks and Jones are believed to have been part of a group of nine individuals who flash-mobbed the Lululemon on September 21, stealing a total of $7,290 worth of clothing items.

The SFPD arrested Jinks and Jones along with two juveniles shortly after the robbery, and the department posted photos of the seized merchandise.

The department had also just arrested three individuals in connection with another $100,000 worth of stolen goods.

On Thursday, the DA's office announced charges against two more San Francisco residents for a September 20 retail theft that apparently also occurred at that Lululemon store. 18-year-old Darrell Luckett and 21-year-old Corina Fitch have been charged with second-degree commercial burglary in connection with the theft of 136 pairs of leggings worth approximately $15,000.

"As our city continues to combat brazen retail theft, my office will work diligently to hold those who are arrested for these crimes accountable," said Jenkins in a statement. "We cannot ignore the impact that this type of crime is having on our retail businesses, their employees and everyday shoppers."

Both Luckett and Fitch, the DA's office said, were arraigned on Wednesday and were released on their own recognizance — despite prosecutors' motion to keep them detained. They've been ordered to stay 150 yards away from the Lululemon store.

Jinks and Jones were also released and ordered to stay away from the store. The DA's office noted that both were on release for separate crimes when they allegedly took part in the burglary last week.