A group of TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) is having their second annual conference in San Francisco for some reason, and local trans activists are planning to protest at the host hotel.

Women’s Declaration International USA is the US chapter of a UK group devoted to spreading the gospel that the "trans agenda" is a threat to womanhood, women's rights, and feminism generally. The group may not be very big or influential — their Instagram has just over 2,300 followers, and the three-day conference is only expected to have around 100 attendees — but their agenda is anathema to many in San Francisco, which is a city with a strong and growing trans community.

"Trans individuals are outraged that they are holding this meeting in San Francisco,” says Tatyana Moaton, senior strategy adviser with SF Community Health, speaking to the Chronicle. "San Francisco is a place that has been a beacon of hope. People come to San Francisco specifically because it’s considered a sanctuary site for them. This [convention] sends a wrong message, because it’s not who we are."

The conference kicks off late Friday afternoon with a reception and dinner at the host hotel, the Hilton San Francisco Financial District (in Chinatown). Moaton and others plan to protest there, and if you want to join the protest, the conference schedule can be found here.

Activists have also called on the Hilton, which is independently operated, to cancel the event, but the hotel issued a statement saying it "does not adopt or endorse the views of any individuals or groups we serve."

As the Chronicle notes, Women's Declaration International held a rally in Oakland last year to protest the transfer to a women's prison of trans prisoner Dana Rivers, who was convicted in 2016 of killing two lesbian friends over a biker gang dispute.

The group espouses a strange blend of left-wing and right-wing ideologies — arguing, like conservatives do, that trans identity doesn't or shouldn't exist, while also espousing radical feminist thought and fighting for abortion access. They're also anti-porn, and pro-gay rights — but they prefer the abbreviation to be just LGB.

In a comment to the Chronicle about the possible protests, Women's Declaration board member Lauren Levey says, "Men have always had trouble with women fighting for our sex-based rights," and "We don’t hate anybody. There’s no hate involved. But we don’t accept their ideology. In other words, we don’t accept that a man can be a woman."

While Moaton and others have asked city leaders to speak out against the conference, SF Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin suggests that would be "taking the bait."

"A lot of folks choose San Francisco for right-wing hate precisely because they want city leaders to amplify it and have it go on Fox News," Peskin tells the Chronicle.

But do these women even watch Fox News? It takes all kinds of nuts and lettuces to make the crazy salad of worldviews in our world today, but these ladies are something special.

Does this sound radical feminist, or like the Proud Boys?

"The breaking down of Western culture and traditions is threatened by an intentional erosion of long-held values, norms, and most importantly, boundaries. The dangers to our culture should not be taken lightly. The assault on womanhood is a threat to our entire democracy."

That's from Suzanne Forbes-Vierling, one of the anti-trans activists who's apparently speaking at the conference.

Too bad they're not here the same weekend as the anti-abortion protesters. That could lead to some fun fights.