Shots were fired into the air and a couple of spectators were reportedly injured overnight in Vallejo during a mobile sideshow there that took place at two different locations.

The sideshow went on for about two hours, though it's not clear from this KTVU report when it began. The first location was the well known sideshow venue of Lewis Brown Drive and Mini Drive, near Highway 37 — and the Google Street View image above shows the intersection marked with tire marks from donuts' past.

The crowd and the cars moved on after about a half hour there to a second, well-used sideshow spot, at Lemon Street and Sonoma Boulevard, where things escalated as NBC Bay Area reports.

There were fireworks set off over the course of about 90 minutes at the second location, and "a few people getting hit by cars doing donuts," per NBC Bay Area.

Then, dozens of gunshots were fired into the air, which is ultimately what brought police to the scene. After police arrived, the crowd reportedly dispersed — but NBC Bay Area suggests the crowd left because of the gunshots more than because of the police.

No injuries have yet been reported.

Promoting, organizing, or even watching sideshows has been illegal in Vallejo for two years, and similar ordinances have been passed in other jurisdictions around the Bay Area.

Sideshow activity tends to ramp up in the warmer months of the year, and as we get into September and October, we'll likely be hearing reports of sideshows every weekend.

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Photo via Google Street View