A 52-year-old man was arrested at his home in El Sobrante last week and was found in possession of nearly $200,000 worth of allegedly stolen goods from retailers including Lululemon, Victoria's Secret, CVS, Walgreens, and Target.

California Highway Patrol's Organized Retail Crime Task Force announced the arrest of Ngoc Bui Bach, 52, in connection with what appears to be a wide-ranging retail theft ring. Officers were responding to a tip that Bach's home was being used to store a large amount of stolen merchandise.

In addition to seizing $24,000 in cash, officers seized merchandise valued at $190,000, including clothing from Lululemon, and toiletry items and medicines from various pharmacies.

As the CHP Golden Gate Division reports in a release, Bach was"booked at the Contra Costa County jail on suspicion of organized retail crime, grand theft and possession of stolen property.

The investigation into Bach's fencing operation began in July, the agency explains, when they were tipped off that goods were being stored at Bach's home before being sold at "multiple locations."

Photo via CHP Golden Gate
Photo via CHP Golden Gate

Officers said they launched an investigation and were able to obtain a search warrant for Bach's home.

Other goods found were allegedly stolen from Rite Aid, Express, TJX, and Ross.

The bust has some similarities to one that occurred in San Francisco last year at a boba shop on Larkin Street. There, an apparently notorious fence who has since been busted yet another time for violating his parole, was using part of the store's back area as storage for stolen electronics that were primarily taken in car burglaries.

The El Sobrante operation seems linked to acts of brazen retail theft that have occurred around the Bay Area for several years, with thieves apparently able to get quick cash for the goods through the likes of Bach.