It took the Vallejo Police Department 15 months to fire the officer who shot and killed 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa. But now less than ten months after that firing, the officer is getting his job back, and with back pay to boot.

The June 2020 fatal shooting of Sean Monterossa, a 22-year-old shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot when police had suspected him of looting, was another example of some checkered patterns with Vallejo police, particularly when it came out that the police’s story did not match what we saw and bodycam video, and there may have been destruction of evidence.

So then-Vallejo PD Chief Shawny Williams moved to fire the officer who shot Monterrosa, Detective Jarrett Tonn, and Tonn was eventually fired 15 months after Monterrrosa’s shooting.

But stunning news Saturday from the independent news outlet Open Vallejo. That outlet reports that Tonn has been reinstated to the Vallejo PD after an arbitration hearing that apparently took place a few months back. Plus, KGO reports Tonn is getting all the back pay and benefits that he lost.

Tonn’s attorney Joshua Olander said in a statement to Open Vallejo that “While this is a tragedy, the right decision was made based on the law, based on the facts and we are grateful for due process.”

But we have definitely not heard the last of this story. Per KGO, Monterrosa’s family has scheduled a press conference for Thursday, and they’ve retained famed civil rights attorney John Burris, who excels at getting media coverage. Plus state AG Rob Bonta is still investigating the shooting, so that could certainly change this whole outcome.

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Image: Vallejo Police Department via Facebook