A CHP officer did the Lord's work on Tuesday, chasing down a scared, tiny black kitten who was somehow let loose on an East Bay freeway.

CHP Dublin posted pics of the li'l kitten on Tuesday, saying that Officer Piccinini spotted the kitten "in the traffic lanes of westbound I-580" on Tuesday morning. The officer then "chased the kitten until it found a place to rest in a crevice on the freeway wall."

The little safe haven looks to be next to a metering light like those found on onramps, but the location isn't clear.

Photo: CHP Dublin
Photo: CHP Dublin

Alameda County Animal Control reportedly responded to the scene to collect the kitten, who was taken to the East County Animal Shelter.

Whatever awful human who abandoned the cat will get theirs someday, maybe.

You may recall back in June, CHP officers rescued an adorable pitbull puppy who was let loose on the Bay Bridge. As CHP San Francisco said at the time, "Please ensure you properly restrain your animals."